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Black Samurai Sword Katana | Wood | 63 cm | Anime Samurai

Black Samurai Sword Katana | Wood | 63 cm | Anime Samurai

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Enter the world of samurai elegance with our carefully crafted 63 cm long Wooden Katana. Reflecting the sophistication of the Japanese martial art of yesteryear, this longer bamboo blade combines the essence of ancient times with contemporary craftsmanship. Main Features: Material: Made from 100% of the finest bamboo, known for its strength and sustainable properties. Size: Rises to a height of 63 cm , giving it a more elongated and prominent presence. Authentic Design: Reflects the traditional shape of the katana, enhanced with unique patterns that give each piece its own character. Lightweight and Balanced: Perfect for presentations, martial arts routines or as a training blade. Its well-balanced structure makes it ideal for those who are perfecting their skills. Smooth Finish: Polished to a fine finish, providing a comfortable grip and eliminating the possibility of splinters. Eco-friendly: With bamboo as a rapidly renewable resource, this katana is suitable for users who care about Environment.Safety First: Made with a blunt blade for safe holding and training sessions.
A must-have for martial arts enthusiasts, collectors of oriental relics or people looking for an unusual decorative artifact. Its impressive size and design make it an eye-catching element of decor in homes, studios or milking parlors. The blunt blade and low weight also make it ideal for basic training and demonstrations.
Maintenance Instructions:To maintain its everlasting charm and extend its life:Avoid damp places.Protect from constant exposure to direct sunlight.Clean with a soft, dry cloth to remove accumulated dust.We advise against using harsh cleaning products or harsh chemicals.Relive the greatness of traditional martial arts with this 63 cm wooden katana. Elevate your collection or training regime and revel in the history and art of the samurai era. Order yours today.

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