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Bow Golden Blue | Metal | 17 cm | Brelok | Genshin Impact

Bow Golden Blue | Metal | 17 cm | Brelok | Genshin Impact

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Enter the world of Genshin Impact with this carefully designed arc-shaped keychain, a symbol of the game's enchanting universe. Measuring a generous 17cm, it reflects the intricate details and vibrant colors that any character in Teyvat would be proud of. The keychain is a combination of ethereal aqua blue and royal gold, presenting an aesthetic that catches the eye and imagination. Made from durable materials, this keychain is both practical and stylish, ensuring your keys are safe while serving as a spectacular accessory. It is perfect for personal use or as a gift for a gaming lover. Whether used for cosplay, collection, or simply to add a touch of whimsy to your daily routine, this arc-shaped keychain transcends the ordinary, embodying the spirit of Genshin Impact in every detail. Key Features: Size: 17 cm Vivid, game-accurate colors and design Durable construction for longevity Perfect for cosplay enthusiasts and collectors Great gift for fans of Genshin Impact and gaming culture. Embrace the adventure and sociability of Genshin Impact with this captivating arc-shaped keychain, a treasure for any enthusiast looking to bring a piece of the game into the real world.

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