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Broken Wolf's Gravestone Sword | Foam | 100 cm | Genshin Impact

Broken Wolf's Gravestone Sword | Foam | 100 cm | Genshin Impact

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Enter the land of Teyvat with the Broken Wolf's Gravestone foam sword, a masterful replica from the acclaimed game Genshin Impact. Created for fans of adventure, this impressive foam sword reaches a full meter in length, perfect for display or cosplay. The Broken Wolf's Gravestone sword is a striking piece, combining mysticism and martial arts. Its black base stands out with aggressive red details, embodying the fiery spirit of the game's lore. Its hilt features a wolf's head motif, symbolizing the strength and leadership of the great wolf of old, with angular, geometric patterns that evoke a sense of ancient power. The blade itself is artistically decorated with runic inscriptions and tribal red markings, signaling its rich past and the battles it has seen.
This foam sword is not only a collectible item, but also a safe cosplay prop, allowing you to recreate your favorite scenes from Genshin Impact without any risk. Its lightweight design ensures it can be wielded comfortably for hours, making it perfect for conventions, costume parties, or simply displaying in your room. Whether you're a seasoned collector of gaming memorabilia or looking for the perfect gift for a young cosplayer, the Wolf Foam Sword The grave is a must-see. It's a tangible piece of the Genshin Impact universe, inviting you to create your own stories or experience the most exciting moments from the game.

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