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Foam English Shield | 52 cm| Larp Halloween Carnival

Foam English Shield | 52 cm| Larp Halloween Carnival

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Foam Shield for Young KnightsDefend the kingdom and uphold honor with our Foam Shield of England, a symbol of chivalry and courage for the young defender in your family. This foam shield is a safe and durable addition to creative play, cosplay and historical reenactments. Height 52 cm, width 38 cm. Designed to evoke the noble spirit of English knights, the shield features a bright red cross on a silver background, reminiscent of the iconic heraldry of medieval England. The rim is accented with gold rivets, giving it a regal and solid look, while the curved shape provides full coverage for brave defenders. Made of high-density foam, it is light enough to be easily maneuvered and durable enough to withstand the trials of play battles. The convenient handle on the back ensures young squires can easily carry their shield, whether marching in a parade or engaging in a friendly duel. This foam English shield not only encourages active play, but also sparks an interest in history and legend. It's perfect for your child's first adventures into the world of knights and nobility, offering a fun and educational experience they'll remember with joy. Equip your young knight with the Brave Foam English Shield and watch him lead the charge into imaginary adventures, standing as a hero among his playmates.

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