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Golden Crimson Sword | Metal | 22 cm | Keychain | Genshin Impact

Golden Crimson Sword | Metal | 22 cm | Keychain | Genshin Impact

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Immerse yourself in the extraordinary realms of Teyvat with this shining replica of the sword from the phenomenal game, Genshin Impact. Measuring 22 cm tall, this pristine piece captures the game's stunning art and craftsmanship, presenting itself as a fantasy masterpiece. The sword glows with vibrant red and majestic gold accents, an echo of the power and mystery of the Genshin Impact universe. Its design is a fascinating synthesis of elegance and formidable fighting spirit, making it an essential addition to your collection of fancy artifacts, cosplay weapons and gaming memorabilia. Product Features:Size: length 22 cmIntricate design reflecting the mystical aura of the Genshin Impact weaponHigher quality, ensuring durability and visual appealPerfect for collections, cosplay or as a special gift for gaming enthusiastsExperience the magic and mastery of Genshin Impact with this stunning replica of the sword, a symbol of fantastic charm and heroic stories .

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