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Gothic Shield | 6 cm | Keychain | Dark Souls

Gothic Shield | 6 cm | Keychain | Dark Souls

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This keyring is a fabricated replica of the shield from the popular Dark Souls game, designed to bring a bit of the game's challenging spirit into everyday life. It measures 55mm long and 30mm wide, weighing just 26 grams, making it the perfect size for a personal accessory.Made from a solid metal alloy, the keyring is durable enough to withstand the daily hardships of a Dark Souls fan, reflecting the toughness required in the game. It is finished with intricate detailing that fans will recognise, presenting a design that captures the dark aesthetic and gothic elements synonymous with the series.Ideal for enhancing personal items, this keyring can be used to decorate keys, attach to backpacks or serve as a distinctive zipper pull. It offers a practical way to express affection for the Dark Souls universe, subtly incorporating the game into fans' daily routines.As a 'Dark Souls collector's item', this keyring is more than just a gaming souvenir; it is a small but meaningful emblem of the perseverance and victories experienced in the game. Its detailed craftsmanship ensures that it stands out from other memorabilia.

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