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Katana Chibi | Metal | 17 cm | Keychain | Demon Slayer

Katana Chibi | Metal | 17 cm | Keychain | Demon Slayer

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Miniature Katana Sword from "Demon Slayer" as a keychain - 17 cm. Embark on an adventure into the world of your favorite anime with this keychain in the shape of a miniature katana sword from "Demon Slayer". This miniaturized weapon, inspired by the powerful swords from "Demon Slayer", is not just a gadget, but a symbol of the warrior's spirit. Measuring only 17 cm, it is the perfect size to carry around with you without any problems. The keychain has a vividly colored handle with a characteristic turquoise and gold pattern visible in the series, which contrasts beautifully with the elegant black sheath. Crafted with attention to detail, it is a must-have for aspiring slayers looking to add a touch of grit to their everyday wear. Perfect for fans of all ages, this keychain makes a great gift or personal keepsake.

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