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Katana Fiery | Metal | 17 cm | Keychain | Demon Slayer

Katana Fiery | Metal | 17 cm | Keychain | Demon Slayer

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Fire Katana Sword Keychain from "Demon Slayer" - 17 cm Ignite your passion for "Demon Slayer" with this Fire Katana Sword Keychain, a hot tribute to the dynamic anime. This striking 17 cm long keychain is a miniature replica of the iconic fire sword from the anime, capturing the essence of its powerful user. The keychain showcases a pristine white hilt with subtle gold accents, leading to a crimson-tinted guard that embodies the blade's fiery spirit. The black sheath is decorated with Kanji, adding an authentic touch. Made of high-quality materials for durability and detailed design, this keychain adds a spark of adventure to everyday life. It's perfect for fans who want to have a piece of their favorite series always at hand.

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