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Katana - Keychain - 17 cm - Demon Slayer

Katana - Keychain - 17 cm - Demon Slayer

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Enter the world of "Demon Slayer" with the Nichirin Tomioka Giyu Katana Sword keychain, a replica celebrating the unwavering Water Hashira. This compact 17 cm keychain captures the stoic elegance of Giyu's sword, from the deep black of its blade to the iconic kanji reading "Destroy Demons" engraved near the base. Accented with a minimalist yet regal gold tsuba (cover), the keychain expresses the combination of simplicity and strength that we find in Tomioka's character. Its durable construction and polished finish make it a practical and stylish addition to any fan's collection, offering a daily reminder of the calm and determined spirit of the Water Hashira.

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