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Katana Round Samurai Sword | Metal | 15 cm | Keychain | Bleach

Katana Round Samurai Sword | Metal | 15 cm | Keychain | Bleach

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Keychain in the Shape of a Katana from Anime Bleach. Open the gateway to the Soul Community with our exquisite Anime Bleach katana keychain. With compact dimensions of 15 cm, this replica is a combination of functionality and the spirit of the beloved anime. It is an ideal collector's item for enthusiasts and a must-have for cosplay fans. Crafted with attention to detail, the keychain showcases a vividly colored blade with a deep red color, evoking the legendary power that the katana holds in the Bleach universe. Gold accents on the hilt add a regal touch, while the complex pattern reflects the ornate weapons used by the characters. Not only is it a tribute to the epic narrative of the Bleach series, but the katana-shaped keychain also offers everyday practicality. It's constructed from high-quality materials for durability and is the perfect size for your pocket or bag. Elevate your keychain with this striking piece of Bleach memorabilia and carry a piece of your favorite anime wherever you go.

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