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Katana | Sandai Kitetsu | Foam | 104 cm | One Piece

Katana | Sandai Kitetsu | Foam | 104 cm | One Piece

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Step into the grand adventure of the high seas with this 104 cm foam katana replica from the renowned anime "One Piece". This replica captures the essence of the vibrant world of pirates and treasures, with its red scabbard and handle detailed with iconic black patterns and elegant gold accents. The foam build provides a safe and light alternative for enthusiasts of all ages, making it a perfect piece for cosplay, thematic events, or simply as a playful addition to a "One Piece" collection. The unsharpened, reflective blade ensures it's convention-friendly while still providing an authentic feel for any aspiring swordsman wanting to channel their favorite characters from the Straw Hat crew.

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