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Katana Square Samurai Sword | Metal | 15 cm | Keychain | Bleach

Katana Square Samurai Sword | Metal | 15 cm | Keychain | Bleach

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Bleach Anime Katana MiniatureImmerse yourself in the world of Shinigami with our carefully crafted Bleach Anime Katana miniature. This 15 cm model of the iconic sword is not only a collector's delight, but also a stylish keychain, making it a versatile accessory for fans of all ages. The skillfully designed katana features a detailed hilt with traditional motifs and a striking red and black blade, imitating the weapon's powerful energy Shinigami. A glossy black sheath complements the katana for a sleek and chic look. Whether you're dressing up for a cosplay convention or looking for a unique addition to your keychain, this Bleach-inspired katana captures the essence of your favorite anime. It's durable, portable, and a perfect recreation of the great swords seen in the series. Take home a piece of Bleach lore today and keep your spirit of adventure alive!

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