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Keychain | 12 cm | Key ring | The Seven Deadly Sins

Keychain | 12 cm | Key ring | The Seven Deadly Sins

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Enter the world of 'The Seven Deadly Sins' with this meticulously crafted keyring, an exact replica of the iconic weapons from the series. Measuring 12cm in length and weighing just 30 grams, it has been cast in a durable metal alloy, perfect for both play and display. Its detailed design and bronze hue reflect the medieval feel of the anime, creating a unique and sought-after item for fans and collectors.This keyring brings the excitement of anime into your everyday life, adding a touch of fantasy to your personal belongings. To maintain its unique shine, simply wipe with a soft cloth, ensuring this Japanese collector's item remains a timeless souvenir of 'The Seven Deadly Sins'.For fans of the series and new explorers alike, this keyring is an essential accessory. Get your piece of anime today and let the spirit of adventure accompany you wherever you go.

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