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Kratos' Blade of Chaos | 12 cm | Keychain | God Of War

Kratos' Blade of Chaos | 12 cm | Keychain | God Of War

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Behold the Chaos Blade pendant from God of War, an iconic item for fans of the distinguished series. Forged from solid metal alloy and measuring 17cm in length, this replica captures the ferocious spirit of Kratos' weapon. The pendant features a detailed blade design with a distinctive shaft, full of distinctive patterns and an aged metallic finish.Designed not only for durability, but also to impress. Whether it's attached to your keys or displayed amongst your collection, this keyring adds a touch of God of War's epic narrative to your everyday life, evoking the adventures of Kratos with every glance.Technical details:Material: Durable metal alloy with fine detailingSize: Length: 12cmCare instructions: Wipe with a soft cleaning cloth; avoid moisture and direct sunlight to prevent damage.As a collector's item, this pendant stands out, being an essential piece of God of War memorabilia for enthusiasts. It reflects a passion for the game, making it a striking gaming souvenir.Answer the call of the gods and secure this piece of God of War legend for your collection.

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