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Kratos Shield | 12 cm | Keychain | God Of War

Kratos Shield | 12 cm | Keychain | God Of War

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This intricately designed keyring is a miniature of Kratos' Shield from the acclaimed God of War series. Measuring 12cm in diameter, it is a substantial piece that represents the strength and endurance of the Spartan warrior. The pendant is made from high quality metal alloy, capturing the fine details of the shield's design, and is both functional and collectible.The craftsmanship of this pendant reflects the ancient aesthetic of the game, making it the perfect addition to any God of War fan's arsenal. It serves not only as a practical accessory, but also as a tribute to the epic narrative and adventures that gamers have come to love.Technical details:Material: High-quality metal alloySize: 12 cm in diameterThis God of War collector's item stands out for its artistic representation and functionality. It is a gaming souvenir that brings a piece of the game's mythology into the real world.Add this shield to your collection and carry the spirit of Kratos wherever you go. It is more than a keyring; it is a symbol of the warrior's path.

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