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Small Black Katana | Wood | 55 cm | Samurai

Small Black Katana | Wood | 55 cm | Samurai

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Embark on a journey to the age of the samurai with this exquisite Black Wooden Katana Replica. Tailored for the enthusiasts of samurai lore, this 55 mm katana is a faithful homage to the storied Japanese warriors. Made from the finest bamboo, it is designed to delight both collectors and practitioners.
The deep black finish, paired with traditional cord wrappings, embodies the elegance and simplicity synonymous with samurai culture. Ideal for adorning your space or taking center stage in historical reenactments, this katana adds a touch of nobility to any setting.
This piece is a celebration of history, a collectible that not only serves as a Japanese souvenir but also enkindles the adventurous spirit that samurai tales are known for. It stands as a testament to skilled craftsmanship, a collectible item ready to become the centerpiece of your collection.

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