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Sword | 20 cm | Keychain | Fate

Sword | 20 cm | Keychain | Fate

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Upgrade your keyring with this unique replica of the Sword and Scabbard from the acclaimed anime series 'Fate'. Crafted with precision, the keyring measures 22cm in length and has a solid 220g weight impression, showcasing a metal alloy construction that guarantees durability and a premium feel.The design captures the essence of the series' weapons in striking detail, from the vibrant red and black hilt to the ornate gold handle, making it an essential piece for any 'Fate' fan. It's an elegant addition to your collection, perfect for both play and display, bringing the spirit of your favourite anime into your everyday life.This keyring is not just a practical item; it's a small tribute to the epic narrative of 'Fate', serving as a constant reminder of the great adventures and beloved characters that define the series.Distinguish your keys with this must-have Japanese collector's item, an anime souvenir that stands out for its craftsmanship and iconic design. Whether you display it at home or take it with you, it is sure to attract attention and generate interest.Embrace the journey of 'Fate' and order now to add this legendary piece to your set. Your keys deserve an accessory as unique as your passion for anime.

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