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Sword | 20 cm | Keychain | Fate

Sword | 20 cm | Keychain | Fate

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Discover the legendary weapons of the 'Fate' series with this unique Sword and Scabbard pendant. Made from high quality metal alloy and measuring 20cm in length, this is a solid piece that feels great in the hand, weighing 220g. The intricate designs and vibrant enamel reflect the craftsmanship of the weapons described in the anime.This keyring is a stylish accessory that brings a piece of the 'Fate' universe into your everyday life. Used to adorn your keys or as a distinctive decorative piece, it is sure to catch the eye and spark conversation among fellow enthusiasts.To keep this Japanese collector's item in top condition, handle with care and clean gently with a soft cloth. This is a unique anime souvenir that stands out from the plethora of merchandise, offering both tactile pleasure and visual grandeur.For the dedicated 'Fate' fan or those looking to start their collection, this keyring is a must-have. Take this opportunity to own a piece of fandom, and let it remind you every day of the epic stories and beloved characters of the 'Fate' series.Act now to get this treasure for your collection or as a gift for another fan. Mark your presence in the 'Fate' fandom with this emblematic commemorative item.

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