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Sword | 20 cm | Keychain | Fate

Sword | 20 cm | Keychain | Fate

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The Excalibur Sword Pendant from the Fate Series: May the Power of Legendary Blades Be With You!Enter the great world of Fate and carry a part of its rich legacy with you with this exquisite Excalibur sword pendant. This small but mighty accessory is a symbol of the courage and honour portrayed in the anime series Fate, making it a must-have for fans and collectors. Made from durable materials, it has been designed for both use and display, offering a daily reminder of the passionate narratives and powerful characters the series depicts.The sword pendant features intricate designs mimicking the legendary Excalibur, complete with its ornate handle and majestic blade. Whether you're a follower of Artoria Pendragon or a connoisseur of anime weaponry, this keychain serves as the perfect emblem of the series' epic stories.Prized for its artistic execution, this 'collector's item of anime Fate' has earned 5-star ratings for its attention to detail and the luxurious feel it adds to any set of keys or display case. Fans rave about the emotional connection it evokes, reminding them of the noble battles and adventures of 'Fate'.Caring for the Excalibur sword pendant is simple; regular cleaning with a soft cloth ensures it remains a shining symbol of your love for the series. It is the perfect 'Japanese souvenir' that embodies the essence of the magical and heroic Fate universe.Don't let this legendary keyring slip from your hands. Grab the chance to own a piece of anime history. Order now and let the Excalibur sword pendant accompany you in all your daily pursuits!

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