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Thor's Hammer | Foam | 48 cm | God of War

Thor's Hammer | Foam | 48 cm | God of War

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God of War Foam Thor's Hammer Embark on a legendary journey with this carefully crafted replica of Thor's Hammer from the renowned God of War series. Designed with the passionate fan in mind, this foam replica is not only a decoration for collectors, but also a safe addition to any cosplay arsenal. Measuring an impressive 48 cm in size, it recreates the iconic weapon wielded by the God of Thunder himself. Every detail has been recreated with the greatest care to evoke the mystical aura of Norse mythology. The hammer has an ornate wood-like handle with refined gold accents, ending in a pommel that displays a tapestry of Nordic engravings and symbols, testifying to its divine craftsmanship.
The foam material ensures it is lightweight and easy to carry around, perfect for conventions, costume parties or as a unique decorative item. Don't be fooled, although light in handle, this hammer carries the weight of Thor's power and is a must-have for enthusiasts looking to bring the touch of Asgard to their earthly kingdom. Its balance of safe materials and authentic design makes it the perfect gift for younger fans dreaming of heroic deeds, as well as adult collectors looking to celebrate their inner warrior.

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