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Thor's Hammer Mjölnir | 20 cm | Keychain | God Of War Ragnarok

Thor's Hammer Mjölnir | 20 cm | Keychain | God Of War Ragnarok

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Unleash the power of the gods with this majestic Hammer of Thor pendant, inspired by the epic God Of War game. A testament to the craftsmanship of Asgard, this keyring is forged from warrior-worthy materials, ready to withstand the trials of any journey.Whether you're a die-hard God Of War fan or a collector of mythological artefacts, this keyring adds a touch of divine power to your daily routine. More than just a durable accessory, the hammer is an emblem of the enduring legacy of the Norse gods.Admire the intricately crafted details that bring the world of God Of War to your fingertips. Crafted with care, this commemorative pendant is easy to maintain, ensuring that the power of Thor is always at your side.Follow the wave of rave reviews and 5-star ratings this collectible item has received from fans around the world. Don't miss the chance to own a piece of God Of War history.Volunteer for the adventure and make this Thor's Hammer pendant yours. Let it guide you through the realms!

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