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Tree Shield | 6 cm | Keychain | Dark Souls

Tree Shield | 6 cm | Keychain | Dark Souls

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This keyring is a carefully crafted replica of the Dark Souls game shield, created with attention to the series' distinctive aesthetic. It is 55mm long and 30mm wide and weighs 26 grams. It is made from high quality metal alloy, ensuring durability for everyday use.Designed with the avid Dark Souls fan in mind, the keyring features iconic imagery associated with the game's rich narrative and haunting environments. It is a versatile accessory, ready to add a gothic touch to keys, backpacks or serve as a convenient zipper pull, combining practicality with the spirit of Dark Souls.The keyring offers an emotional connection to the game, evoking memories of epic battles and the perseverance needed to overcome challenges in Dark Souls. It is an essential collector's item for game enthusiasts and a daily reminder of the dark, immersive world they cherish.

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