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Wooden Samurai Sword Katana | Foam | 104 cm | Demon Slayer

Wooden Samurai Sword Katana | Foam | 104 cm | Demon Slayer

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For the ardent fan of "Demon Slayer," this wooden katana replica embodies the graceful power of the series' beloved characters. The 104 cm sword mirrors the iconic weapon wielded by the characters, crafted from wood for an authentic feel, perfect for both cosplay enthusiasts and collectors.

A decorative gem, this katana adds a touch of anime elegance to any room. Display it as a centerpiece to spark conversations or wield it as you reenact the most thrilling combat scenes. This katana is more than a mere prop; it's a bridge to the animated world, providing a tangible connection to the relentless drive and bravery of the series' warriors.

This wooden katana is a must-have Samurai collectible, an homage to the rich Japanese culture represented in "Demon Slayer." It is an anime souvenir that captures the spirit of the samurai way, making it an invaluable addition to any collection.

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