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Topór z Kozłem | Pianka | 73 cm | Undead Necromancer

Topór z Kozłem | Pianka | 73 cm | Undead Necromancer

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Embrace a touch of mythology and heritage with our high-quality Sheep Head Axe Toy! Crafted to inspire tales of ancient warriors, myths, and adventures, this prop will not only be your child's favorite toy but also a splendid addition to any collection or cosplay ensemble.

Product Highlights:
Historic Fusion: Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of history and fantasy, our Sheep Head Axe echoes tales of ancient civilizations and their legendary heroes.

Safe Dueling: While the axe boasts a detailed, lifelike appearance, its PU Foam construction ensures that it's safe for playful battles and harmless duels.

Striking Metallochrome: The lustrous metallochrome color lends the axe a touch of authenticity and splendor. A perfect blend of vibrant color and detail!

Ready for Adventure: Whether you're attending a cosplay event or hosting a themed party, the Sheep Head Axe is your trusty companion, ready to take you on epic quests.

Easy Storage & Care: Packaged in a protective Opp Bag, the axe is not only delivered to you in impeccable condition but also easy to store.

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