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Blade of Chaos | Metal | 12 cm | Keychain | God Of War Kratos

Blade of Chaos | Metal | 12 cm | Keychain | God Of War Kratos

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Immerse yourself in the legendary saga of the Phantom of Sparta with this unique Blade of Chaos keychain. Crafted from the warrior spirit of Kratos, this keychain is a miniature ode to the fierce weapons that defined the God of War series. Product Description: Embark on an epic journey with this Blade of Chaos keychain from God of War. Intricately designed to replicate the menacing weapons wielded by Kratos, this keychain embodies the raw power and artistry of the armory that is honored in the game. It is a powerful piece of heirloom that resonates with the unyielding strength of its bearer. Crafted with an antique brass finish, the keychain captures the iconic look of the Blade of Chaos with its worn texture and fiery red engravings running along the blade, symbolizing the blood and victories of countless battles. This keychain is not just an accessory; is an heirloom that carries the essence of the God of War legacy. Durable and built to last, this keychain is perfect for die-hard fans of the series and new explorers. Its size makes it a subtle yet powerful addition to your everyday wardrobe, ensuring the power of the gods is always at your fingertips. Key Features: Detailed Blade of Chaos design from the God of War series Vintage brass finish with red accents for a post-battle look Compact and durable for everyday use Use Perfect gift for God of War lovers and gaming memorabilia collectors Suitable as a unique addition to bags and keys Unleash the warrior within you with this Blade of Chaos keychain, a tangible representation of God of War's epic stories.

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