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Golden Glory Sword Sword Art Online | 22 cm | Anime Keychain

Golden Glory Sword Sword Art Online | 22 cm | Anime Keychain

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Golden Glory: Sword on Keychain from Sword Art Online - 22cm. Dive deep into the land of Sword Art Online with this dazzling 22cm keychain sword, carefully crafted from a shiny gold alloy! ️ With a dazzling emerald set into its hilt and a refined gold guard, this keychain reflects the enchanting charm as depicted in the game. Every curve, edge and tiny detail has been perfectly rendered, making it a true masterpiece for young adventurers and seasoned gamers alike! Why this Keychain Sword is a Must-Have: Authentic Sword Art Online design that magically brings the virtual world right to your pocket !The solid alloy construction ensures that it is not just a pretty decoration, but a lasting symbol of your passion for gaming! The sparkling emerald accent and high gloss make it stand out, capturing the essence of the game's majestic aurum. Perfect for decorating backpacks, pencil cases or even as a collector's item - it's a versatile fantasy at your fingertips!

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