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Kaedehara Kazuha's Freedom-Sworn | Foam | 100 cm | Genshin Impact

Kaedehara Kazuha's Freedom-Sworn | Foam | 100 cm | Genshin Impact

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Enter the land of legends and wield the power of the Song of Broken Pines, a legendary sword from the popular game Genshin Impact. This carefully crafted foam sword sends a message to all aspiring heroes and collectors, combining the essence of fantasy with the safety of soft materials. Measuring a full meter in length, the Song of the Broken Pines is an impressive sight. The sword has a deep blue handle that promises a secure grip, leading to a complex gold guard. The crossguard blooms like a flower of war, with a heart of jewels that symbolizes the untold power of the sword. The blade itself is a striking blue, with engraved patterns resembling ancient runes or advanced technology from another world.
Crafted with child safety in mind from foam, this sword is built to withstand the most epic battles during adventure play. It's not just a toy, but also a collectible piece of art that brings the world of Genshin Impact to full life, perfect for display or to complete your ultimate cosplay set. The Song of the Broken Pines is more than just a simple replica; it is the key to unlocking the imagination, a storytelling tool and a gateway to a universe where fantasy reigns supreme. Don't miss your chance to add this emblem of power and fantasy to your collection today.

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