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Kanroji Tomioka Giyuu Lightsaber | LED wood | 104 cm | Demon Slayer

Kanroji Tomioka Giyuu Lightsaber | LED wood | 104 cm | Demon Slayer

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Experience the spirit of the Water Hashira with our meticulously crafted wooden Katana, inspired by Tomioka Giyuu's iconic sword from the acclaimed anime Demon Slayer. Measuring an impressive 104 cm in length, this replica is a must-have for any anime enthusiast seeking to add a touch of the extraordinary to their collection.
Each Katana is crafted with the utmost care, featuring a wooden core that ensures durability and a balanced weight for comfortable handling. The blade, made of high-quality acrylic, houses an LED strip that illuminates to mimic the ethereal glow of Giyuu's sword, providing an immersive experience for both cosplay and display.
For those who enjoy the art of swordplay, the sturdy yet safe construction makes it ideal for practicing moves or engaging in friendly duels. When the sun sets, the LED feature truly shines, allowing the excitement of Demon Slayer battles to come alive, even in the dark.
This piece not only serves as a captivating cosplay accessory but also as a statement interior decor item. It adds an enchanting charm to any room or display, inviting conversations and admiration.
Material-wise, this Katana balances traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation, utilizing wood for the hilt and scabbard, while the acrylic blade ensures longevity and safety for all ages.
As a Demon Slayer collectible, it stands out with its functional design, setting it apart from similar anime souvenirs. Whether for play, display, or even sword practice, this Katana transcends mere decoration, bringing the adventures of your favorite characters to life in your hands.
Seize the opportunity to own a piece of the Demon Slayer universe. This is not just a sword; it's a bridge to countless tales of bravery and camaraderie.

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