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Katana Inosuke | Metal | Keychain | 17 cm | Demon Slayer

Katana Inosuke | Metal | Keychain | 17 cm | Demon Slayer

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Inosuke "Demon Slayer" Katana Keychain - 17 cm Capture the essence of Inosuke Hashibira's ferocity from "Demon Slayer" with this detailed replica of his Beast Breathing Katana in keychain form. At 17 cm, this perfectly sized souvenir item reflects Inosuke's unique serrated sword, complete with its distinctive white ribbed hilt. This miniature wonder is as wild as it is functional, featuring a meticulously crafted blade with the hero's signature zigzag pattern. Made with care from durable materials, equipped with a solid chain and a clip for attaching to keys or a bag. This keychain is a portable tribute to the strength and tenacity of the boar-headed warrior, an essential acquisition for fans and collectors who want to take a piece of the "Demon Slayer" world with them wherever they go.

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