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Katana Onimaru Kunitsuna | Metal | 23 cm | Keychain | Valorant

Katana Onimaru Kunitsuna | Metal | 23 cm | Keychain | Valorant

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Embrace the warrior within with this meticulously crafted Onimaru Kunitsuna katana keychain, a must-have Valorant collectible for gaming fans. At 230 mm in length, this metal alloy replica captures the essence of the beloved game's artifact, offering both durability and intricate design.

Ideal for adorning key sets, backpacks, or adding functionality to zippers, this katana keychain is not just a gaming souvenir; it's a symbol of the adventure and mastery found in Valorant. Its sleek build and detailed embellishments, including the iconic blue and white floral pattern on the scabbard and the wrapped hilt, make it a standout accessory that reflects your passion for the game.

This keychain surpasses similar products with its superior materials and craftsmanship, making it a prized piece for collectors and fans. Carry a piece of Valorant's universe with you and let it serve as a conversation starter or a personal emblem of your gaming triumphs.

Choose this Onimaru Kunitsuna katana keychain to elevate your collection and showcase your gaming allegiance.

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