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Kratos Leviathan Axe | Metal | 12 cm | Keychain | God Of War

Kratos Leviathan Axe | Metal | 12 cm | Keychain | God Of War

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Leviathan Axe Keychain - God of War Collectible Gadget Embark on a journey through Norse mythology with this intricately crafted Leviathan Ax keychain, a miniature of the iconic weapon wielded by Kratos in the critically acclaimed God of War. This exquisite key chain is not only a key organizing tool, but also a symbol of strength and courage, capturing the spirit of the Spartan warrior. Features: Precise Design: With its detailed Nordic patterns and rustic finish, the ax head is a work of art, depicting an intricate tree pattern and mysterious blue a jewel at the center of its design. High Quality Material: Forged from durable metal with an antique bronze finish on the handle, this key ring is designed for longevity and a comfortable grip. Compact Size: Perfectly sized for portability, will fit comfortably in your pocket or can be easily attached to a backpack for an adventurous accessory. Versatile Use: More than just a keychain, it serves as a statement piece for God of War fans, a conversation starter, or to complement Kratos' cosplay outfit. Celebrate your passion for gaming with this iconic piece of the God of collection War. Whether you're giving it as a gift to another fan or keeping it as a personal treasure, the Leviathan Ax keychain is a must-have for any collector. Order today and carry the power of Kratos wherever you go!

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