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Leona's sword | 13 cm | Keychain | League Of Legends

Leona's sword | 13 cm | Keychain | League Of Legends

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For the brave warriors of the League of Legends realm, this Leona sword pendant is not just a trinket - it is a miniature tribute to the Radiant Dawn herself. Measuring 13cm in length and weighing in at just 30 grams, this alloy metal pendant is a portable symbol of valour, perfect for League of Legends enthusiasts who want to carry their fighting spirit with them.The pendant has a sturdy construction and intricate design that reflects Leona's iconic sword, complete with distinctive engravings and jewelled details. It's the perfect accessory to add a touch of the battlefield to everyday life, and a durable piece suitable for display amongst other gaming memorabilia.Care of this item is effortless; avoid caustic materials and polish gently with a dry cloth to maintain the radiant shine. With the power to win the hearts of fans, this pendant is destined to hold a place of honour with a 5-star rating in any League of Legends collection.Declare your affiliation with Solari and let the power of the sun guide your path. Add this League of Legends collector's item to your arsenal and let it be your guide on the daily battlefield of life.

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