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Skyward Spine Spear | Metal | 22 cm | Keychain | Genshin Impact

Skyward Spine Spear | Metal | 22 cm | Keychain | Genshin Impact

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Immerse yourself in the world of Teyvat with our carefully crafted Skyward Spine javelin. Directly inspired by the beloved game, Genshin Impact, this 22 cm long miniature boasts unparalleled precision, capturing the essence of the original weapon. A heavenly blue crystal blade blends seamlessly with intriguing gold gear patterns, reflecting a harmonious balance of machine and mysticism. Key Features: Detailed craftsmanship: Set in turquoise gemstones and accentuated with gold trim, representing masterful craftsmanship. Versatile Use: Perfect for young adventurers , fans of the game and collectors. Solid construction: Made of the highest quality materials, guaranteeing longevity. Collector's item: A true embodiment of the Genshin Impact legacy. Dimensions: Length: 22 cm Why choose this javelin? Are you setting out on a journey to discover the secrets of the seven elements or you also want to expand your collection, the Skyward Spine javelin is proof of your passion for the game. It's not just a toy - it's a piece of the Genshin Impact world brought to reality. Add to your arsenal today!Order Now:Immerse yourself in the magic and wonder of Teyvat. Limited availability! Secure your Skyward Spine Javelin today.

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