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Static Figure Kurumi Tokisaki | Resin | 23 cm | Anime Date A Live

Static Figure Kurumi Tokisaki | Resin | 23 cm | Anime Date A Live

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Step into the captivating world of "Date A Live" with this striking 23 cm resin figure of Kurumi Tokisaki, brought to life with exquisite detail. Known for her enigmatic presence in the series, this figure captures Kurumi's alluring charm and her signature spirit of mischief.
Dressed in her iconic black and crimson frilled dress accented with intricate lace and ribbon details, this figure showcases her flirtatious yet dangerous personality. Her playful pose, twirling a lock of her dark hair, encapsulates the duality of her character's allure and the underlying threat she poses.
The vibrant colors and dynamic sculpt make this figure a must-have for any fan of the series, adding a touch of anime magic to your collection. With her mysterious eye gleaming and a subtle smile, Kurumi is sure to become the centerpiece of any display.
Accurately detailed 23 cm figure of Kurumi Tokisaki from "Date A Live"
Crafted from high-quality resin for durability and a refined finish
Features Kurumi in her memorable black and red attire
Dynamic pose capturing the essence of her playful yet menacing character
Ideal for fans of the anime, collectors, and as a unique gift
Let Kurumi Tokisaki take her place in your collection and remind you of the thrilling world of "Date A Live" with her bewitching presence.

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