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Sword | 17 cm | Keychain | Doom Eternal game

Sword | 17 cm | Keychain | Doom Eternal game

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Take a piece of the legendary Doom universe with you wherever you go with this carefully designed keyring. Recreated from the iconic sword from Doom, this replica is 17cm long, weighs 220g and is made from high-quality metal alloy, perfect for both collection and everyday use.For the die-hard Doom fan, this keyring is more than an accessory - it's a miniature monument to the game's rich mythology. It fits perfectly with keys, backpacks and can even be used as an easy-to-grab slider, adding style and functionality to everyday life.Every detail has been created to ignite memories of the exciting gameplay and beloved characters that Doom brought into our world. This keychain isn't just a keepsake; it's a tribute to the adventures that have captivated gamers for generations.Compared to other collectible gaming items, this Doom keychain stands out - its craftsmanship and durability make it a unique gaming souvenir. Its presence makes a statement about your passion for gaming and a nod to your gaming identity.Join the ranks of proud Doom collectors and enrich your collection today. Whether it's for you or a friend, it's the perfect way to celebrate the impact of a true gaming classic.Don't wait - get your piece of Doom history now. This keychain is a must-have for any enthusiast who wants to bring a bit of gaming glory to their everyday life.

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