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Sword | 17 cm | Keychain | Final Fantasy B

Sword | 17 cm | Keychain | Final Fantasy B

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This Final Fantasy keyring is a precision replica of a sword from the renowned video game series, made with attention to detail. At 17 cm long and weighing 60 grams, it is the perfect symbol for fans to carry a piece of their favourite fantasy world with them.
The keyring is made from a durable metal alloy, guaranteeing its durability for both play and display. It showcases a vibrant colour palette, including a distinctive purple handle and complex accents along the blade that Final Fantasy fans will instantly recognise.
This keyring is a versatile accessory, adding a touch of the epic saga to keys or backpacks and serving as a practical tool for easier zip operation. It's not just a simple trinket, but an item that embodies the spirit and adventure of Final Fantasy.
For collectors and gamers, this keyring stands out as 'Final Fantasy collectible' and 'Gaming commemorative', capturing the artistry of the game. It invites a strong call to action for enthusiasts to add this piece to their collection.

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