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Wooden Samurai Sword Katana | Wood | 104 cm | Demon Slayer

Wooden Samurai Sword Katana | Wood | 104 cm | Demon Slayer

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Step into the world of Demon Slayer with this authentic replica of Tanjiro Kamado's wooden katana. Crafted with care and precision, this 104 cm piece is a true-to-form representation, perfect for anime fans and collectors alike. Made from wood, it's designed for both ornamental display and role-play, capturing the essence of Tanjiro's iconic weapon.

This katana is not just a piece of memorabilia; it's a nod to the artistry of samurai culture and the captivating story of Demon Slayer. It's a way to bring the adventurous spirit of Tanjiro into your home or office. Suitable for cosplay, it's also a fantastic prop for recreating epic battles and adding a historical charm to your interior decor.

Celebrate your love for Demon Slayer with this striking wooden katana, a Samurai collectible that doubles as a piece of Japanese art. It’s a tangible connection to the relentless determination and courage the show inspires.

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