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Xin Zhao spear | 13 cm | Keychain | League Of Legends

Xin Zhao spear | 13 cm | Keychain | League Of Legends

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Discover the power of Demacia with this unique replica of Xin Zhao's spear-shaped pendant, a must-buy for any true League of Legends fan. Measuring just 13 cm in length and weighing 30 grams, this keyring is a testament to the artistic craftsmanship and devotion to one of the League's most iconic heroes.Made from a durable metal alloy, this miniature spear is not only a stylish accessory but also a durable collector's item. The intricate design showcases the majestic and detailed aesthetic of Xin Zhao's spear design, including engraved ancient writing and a distinctive red jewel, reflecting the heart of courage. This pendant is ideal for personal use, whether as a key ornament or as an elegant piece hung on a backpack, adding a game-like spirit to your everyday kit.The pendant is not only suitable for play, but also as a charming interior design element, bringing the beloved characters and exciting adventures of Rift right into your home or workplace. Its presence starts conversations, bringing League of Legends fans together in mutual admiration.To keep this collector's item in impeccable condition, avoid exposure to moisture and store it in a dry place. If necessary, gently wipe it with a soft, dry cloth to remove any dust or fingerprints.Stand out with this 'League of Legends collectible', a first-class choice among 'Gaming Memorabilia'. While similar products exist, few can match the authenticity and attention to detail of this key ring. Enrich your collection and keep the spirit of your League adventures always at hand.Don't miss the opportunity to own a piece of League of Legends history. Add the Xin Zhao spear pendant to your collection today and let the warrior in you reveal himself!

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